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Terrestrials excursions: 1-5 d



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Est  Coast:

Vohémar, Sambava, Andapa, Antalaha, Ambohitralanana, Ambodirafia (Est Cape), Ratsianarana, Masoala Cape, Maroantsetra


Maroantsetra-Toamasina: 5 to 13 days



1st day

 7h00: Departure to the Red Tsingy then visit to the small circuit at East Ankarana (Night in bungalow at Mahamasina) (Crossing the Village of Saphir - Ambondromifehyt) 


2nd day

  • 6h00: Departure to  Vohémar.
  • Lunch in Daraina netween 12h-13h (crossing the village of old gold mine near Betsiaka)
  • Dinner and hotel at Vohémar in end of day


3rd day

  •  In the morning, possibility of beatch (Vohémar).
  • Departure at 9h00 to Sambava
  • 12h00: lunch
  • After luntch, departure for Andapa to dine and hôtel


4th day

  • In the mornig, visit for the city and return to pour Sambava
  • 12h00: Lunch
  • After lunch, departure to Antalaha, about 2h of road.
  • Visit to the shop of preparation of vanilla
  • Possibility to bathing
  • Dine and hotel at Antalaha


5th day

  • Visit of the shop of boutre  construction repair  (big craft wood made).  
  • 10h00: Departure for Ambohitralanana, about 2h of road.  
  • 12h: To eat lunch  
  • Continue until Ambodirafia (East Cape) and  passage by Ferry  
  • Bathing and diving in apnée for the discovered of its corals.  
  • Visit of the stele of Benowski.  
  • Visit of the beacon  
  •   Night and to dine to Ambodirafia (hotel traveler).


6th day

  • 8h00: Visit of the  carnivorous plant Nephentes. Env 2h30  
  • Departure for Ratsianaranana, about 2h of road.  
  • Lunch, dine and lodging (hotel traveler)  
  • Terminal of the track in vehicle. Either the group comes back on Antalaha for their aerial flight, or continuation, circuit trekking or V.T.T until  Maroantsetra, on average 6days; plane until Maronatsetra.
  • Different villages to cross Ratsianarana to Cape Masoala, onaverage on 4 days.  
  • Length of march between stages (villages) of 2h to 8h/jour.
  • Masoala Cape to Maroantsetra, a journey with a  fast boat or a Botry (according departure).




























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Coming down river in raft

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